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Western Diplomacy Blend of Waltz and Petrushka: USA – Europe Union – Russia

Western Diplomacy Blend of Waltz and Petrushka: USA – Europe Union – Russia

Loves and jealousies of two figurines: US and EU along with one puppet: Ukraine

Bringing Freedom to Ukraine, like liberating Women in Afghanistan and giving the best gift in life to Iraq and Democracy to Libya and Syria, Who is Next


Reserve your seat for the next Arab Spring Trip

They close all the doors, even Tchaikovsky was prohibited and silenced in his tomb, they surrounded Russia with Financial Atomic Bombs that other countries had defused and they try to erode all the foundations for Russia to build new negotiations and now they reverse the coat and talk about diplomacy.

Who is the most shamed diplomat who is going to carry a diplomatic mission based on propaganda and lies again, it worked once against Iraq and they get use to it and now Russia was the next but they found more than Russia, they found memories and history as well as believes that are now aware of the past and the present as just a continuous script given to different actors but has the same end that is conquest and domination.

They need better performers and actors, some one who do not slap others on the stage or is thrown a shoe at him, they need really to clone an artificial intelligent dynamics robot name KISSINGER.

Jumping on the back of the wagon while the train is speeding, you cannot run faster than the train

Western European Diplomats needs to be Retrain to be able to grasp Modern Diplomacy, they are still embeded in the Imperialist era of “take it or leave mentality” and hitting first and smashing later while disciplining the collaborators.

Unfortanately, for all the Western Nations, they have not been able to build defectors and oppononts to the Chinese and Russian and even Corean and Iranian regimes that they could use in the same way, they did in Irak, Syria, and Lybia and Afghanistan.

So the West is left without Colloboro-Torpedo and No Trojan Horse neither an Apple of Discord among the ruling classes in the aforementioned regimes.

So what is left, as we say in Amazigh “The Worse Ennemy of the Forest, is its own daughter, the wooden stick / the handle of the ax that is cut from the tree and go back to cut and destroy the entire forest”

So no branched collaborators of high level of sophistication to engage a complot or an invasion to overthrow these regimes, so let use the closed relatives to the Russian Forest, Wa Ukraina has been already on the side of the invading Nazi not just maintain such tradition of involvement of Ukrainain with the Western invading forces against the Eastern Brothers.

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